behind the brand

meet rai, the founder

why I started EVERYKYND

In a nutshell, I wanted to create a business that is conscious of its impact on the world. One that contributes positively to the planet and to every kind in it, and that influences meaningful changes.

I’ve always wanted to put up my own business. But I didn’t want to start just anything. I wanted one that I truly believed in, was passionate about, and in the end, would not benefit just myself.

Over the last years, especially after traveling, I’ve become more and more socially and environmentally involved. Being a true Pisces too, I get greatly affected by things happening around me—climate change, inequality, oppression, mental health struggles, etc.

But though personally, I’ve been doing my own research and doing things that I can—going vegan, purchasing from ethical brands, donating, educating myself, reducing plastic use… I still feel that it’s not enough. I know that I can do more and I can give more.

And collectively, as a human race, I believe we can all do the same! We can be more compassionate, conscious and ready to take action. And so through EVERYKYND, as I go along with my own journey, I wish to be able to help others with theirs.

I created the brand that I've been looking for.

EVERYKYND isn’t just about one thing. It isn’t just about the environment, not just about the animals, or not just about humanity. It’s about being conscious that we all exist together in this one planet and so it is important to be mindful of our actions.

What I want out of this brand from the very beginning is to be:

  • A brand that promotes SUSTAINABILITY and ZERO-WASTE: We all know about the plastic crisis. We’ve heard about our oceans and landfills, and generally the many more effects of how we treat our environment. So with EVERYKYND, I want to help do something about it.
  • A brand that is ETHICAL & VEGAN: As consumers, we don’t usually know how our products are made. We don’t know how they’re processed, who made them or how they affect the world. I want this brand to do the right thing and be transparent about it.
  • A brand that aims to RAISE AWARENESS to different social and environmental issues: With everything going on in the world right now, I want EVERYKYND to be a platform for conversation—to promote awareness, compassion and collective action.
  • A brand that is more driven for CHANGE, NOT PROFIT: Many brands and businesses are built more for personal gains than the drive to make changes. I wish to live in a kinder world so I strive to make EVERYKYND different in a way that it puts others first. 
  • A brand that prioritizes GIVING BACK and HELPING NGOs: One of the first things I committed for this brand is to make sure that 10% of the yearly profit will go to non-profits. I already have a few projects in mind too that I would love to launch in the future.

And now all I need is You.

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