Plastic-Free Shopping Bundle

1,699.00 1,500.00

Everything you need to shop eco-friendly at an affordable price. Say goodbye to single-use plastics bags and hello shop to shopping sustainably now!

Free shipping for P1,200+

100% earth friendly

The Plastic-Free Shopping Bundle is everything you need for your next trip to the grocery. It is a set of certified organic cotton reusable bags fit for your every need. Kickstart your plastic-free, zero-waste lifestyle and even shop in style!

Bundle Includes:

  • 1 x Mesh Shoulder Bag: A bag that you can use not only for your grocery runs but also for your beach trips!
  • 1 x Half Mesh Tote: Perfect for when you want to let your fruits and veg to breathe but don’t want them poking out of your bag.
  • 3 x Mesh Produce Bags: From smaller fruits and veggies like onions, garlic and tomatoes to your bulky leafy greens, these bags got you covered.

Product Details:

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