How To Deal With Wanderlust During COVID-19

With border closures and lockdowns happening around the world right now, many of us had to cancel our travel plans and instead stay at home. But even though it’s still uncertain when we can pack our bags and travel again, it doesn’t mean that we should stop dreaming about it.

While we can’t physically travel at the moment, there are many ways we can keep our wanderlust alive in the safety of our homes.

Here are my tips on how to deal with wanderlust amidst travel bans:

How to deal with wanderlust during covid-19

1. Plan ahead

Even though we can’t travel now, it doesn’t mean that we can’t travel anymore forever. Take this time to refine your travel plans or get inspired for a whole new trip! Have a look at your bucket list, research about where you can go and what you can do and start preparing to book things once this is all over.

This situation may be unfortunate, but if there’s anything good out of it, it’s that this is a good time to save more money for an even better adventure.

How to deal with wanderlust during covid-19

2. Use Pinterest boards

Pinterest is a great place to create your dream boards. I personally use mine to get inspired for new trips — I pin travel destinations, activities, food, useful information and even outfits to wear!

3. Read books and/or travel guides

As they say, reading transports you to a new place. Though in this age of Instagram you can instantly picture yourself somewhere, the power of words in a book is incomparable in capturing the essence of a destination and letting your imagination run wild.

So while you can’t travel now, pick up a book and let it transport you somewhere. Or grab a travel guide and learn more about new places.

How to deal with wanderlust during covid-19

4. Go on a virtual museum tour

A good thing about technology nowadays is that you don’t actually have to go somewhere to travel. In light with the virus outbreak, more and more museums have now started offering virtual tours that you can do without leaving your couch. No need to book a ticket to Paris to see The Louvre, or go to Amsterdam to see the Van Gogh Museum. At Google Arts & Culture, there are over 2000 museums you can visit virtually.

5. Learn a new language

Who says you have to be in the country to learn their language? Through apps like Duolingo or Babbel, you can take this time to learn and practice some new words for when you can travel again.

6. Make traditional food

Traveling exposes us to different cultures as well as local cuisine that many tourists partake in cooking classes when traveling abroad. But don’t let this situation stop you from exploring them even at home! There are so many cookbooks, YouTube videos and recipes out there that will help you dive into different cultures through food. Missing Mexico? Make some tacos and create the Mexican vibe at your home!

7. Watch videos, movies or documentaries about another country

Not a fan of reading books? Well, there are tons of YouTube channels out there dedicated to travel that will surely keep your wanderlust burning. There are tons of movies and documentaries too, especially on Netflix!

How to deal with wanderlust during covid-19

8. Revisit old travel memories

It’s always fun to look back at memories from your past travels. Print your photos out, pin them on your wall or make a scrapbook, write a journal… you can do so much with them! This will help make you feel good about travel and look forward to many more adventures you can do!

There are so things we can do to stay inspired and to keep our wanderlust alive during this time. And once again, just know that this won’t be forever! Soon, we will all be able to travel again :)

Let me know, how do you deal with wanderlust at home?

stay safe,

Rai x

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