2020 Goals: Another Year of Pursuing Dreams

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An app for Instagram showing you your best nine posts of 2019 prompted me to look back on amazing times that happened to me this year.

2020 Goals

I kicked it off crazily at Ninhvana – a backpacker hostel I worked for in Vietnam for 4 months. Then, I spent the best time in Hanoi with people I really connected with, and even got my first tattoo with them! (Shoutout to the gang <3). After, I flew to Chiang Mai to figure out my next plans, ended up in Pai where a lot of shrooms got involved… Eventually, I decided to go back to the Philippines and made the best decision of the year. I moved to paradise, Siargao Island, where I was barefoot most of the time, driving scooters around and living that island life. Later on, I went back to Manila, saw more of the North, before I flew to El Nido to work for another hostel.

It was a year I hoped for and more. I saw new places again, met incredible people, got to live in some of the best places in the world, gained more skills and, something I didn’t expect, I fell in love.

Now for the year 2020, it’s time to set new and bigger goals and pursue more dreams! It’s the beginning of a new freaking decade, we got to start it strong. I already started working on a list months before the year ended (because you can always start whenever!) and here it goes:

For the year 2020, I will...

Start a blog.

Something I already finally started and am very happy for that I did! This has been one of my goals since I began my travels. I’ve been putting it off, but recently, I finally felt the kick to not wait anymore for the “perfect” time but to just do it. Now, I feel relieved and excited for the things I can share and do with this blog.

Quit stressing over things I can't control.

Looking after my mental health was one of the main reasons why I traveled. And I thought I’ve already been doing well with this until after coming home, some things came up that made me realize I haven’t. I need to reflect again on how I let things affect me, both positively and negatively, and constantly work on it.

Visit South America.

This is the dream. Where I’ve always wanted to go since I started traveling. Two years in, I think I’m ready to leave Southeast Asia to see more of the world.

Learn to play the ukulele.

New Year 2018, I bought a guitar and made it my goal that year to learn playing it. Did I get to? Nope. (Oops.) Now, I was gifted a ukulele and already know how to play some. So I think we’re getting there, we’ll see!

Learn a new language.

This has always been one of my life goals. I studied other languages when I was in uni, but I wish to really be fluent in one! And since I plan to head to South America this year, maybe it could be Spanish!

Have more of a routine and a plan.

I’ve always went with the flow with a lot of things in my life. However, though being spontaneous is great, right now I believe having more of a routine and a plan is better. For this year, this could be my highlight – organization and action.

Work on mind and body more.

Do yoga. Meditate. Workout. Read more books. This has always been a staple in my list of goals every year but embarrassingly to say, I don’t have a good record of keeping up with this. But once again, here we are. I guess we’ll just keep on trying until we finally do so.

Eat healthier.

Despite being vegan, as I’m typing this, I’m munching on Oreos, the only thing I’ve been eating the whole day and it’s already almost 10pm…

Improve on taking care of myself and being present.

My main goal last year but still something I can definitely work on :)

For now that’s it! Maybe as the year goes, I’ll come up with more goals I can include here. And that’s okay! It really doesn’t have to be the beginning of the year to set goals and start pursuing them. It can be whenever!


2019: Thank you for the lessons. It’s been amazing.

2020: Let’s do this.


Happy New Year, everyone!


Rai x

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