20 Things to Do at Home (While Social Distancing)

While a lot have been dreaming about this – to just be at home and have all the time in the world – there still comes a point when we run out of ideas of things to do and eventually feel that we’re just stuck.

I’ve just been through this. So during my loads of free time, I gathered different ideas of things we can do at home while in quarantine. Here I’m sharing with you all:

20 Things to Do at Home (While Social Distancing)

1. Clean your environment

This is the perfect time to do so as you really should as well!

I know you’ve been putting this off since you were busy, but now you really have no excuse! Especially during this time when cleanliness is very important, it’s time to get those rugs and brooms out and start cleaning!

Things to do at home

2. Read a book (or 2, or 5!)

It’s been a while since I had time to read a book, and personally, it feels good to finally be able to do so again. I just finished Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport and now listening to the audiobook of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson.

I wrote about the books I’m reading here.

Things to do at home

3. Watch movies or TV shows

To have time to binge-watch movies and TV shows is the dream. With things like Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime, you can seriously spend this whole quarantine time just streaming.

I recommend Killing Eve, You, Feel Good and easily, The Office. Additionally, I wrote about my current favorite LGBTQ+ TV shows to watch here.

Things to do at home

4. Start a blog

If you like writing, why not? This could be a great time to share your ideas to the world.

5. Or a YouTube channel!

Not into writing? Then making YouTube might be the one for you. Since many are just at home and on social media a lot, this could be an opportunity you can take advantage of!

Things to do at home

6. Design your own workspace

If you’re used to working in an office or coffee shops, then re-create that workspace in your home! Enhance your environment with some plants or good music – anything that would help you be productive.

7. Declutter your computer

8. ...your phone

9. And your room!

Organize and back up all your files. Delete the unnecessary ones in your storage. Declutter your apps and photos. Maintain a zero mail. And then you can move to sorting out your closet and all the other stuff in your room! These are things I feel everyone’s been putting off and personally, doing those, it feels good!

10. Play online games with friends

It’s not impossible to still spend time with your friends. With the technology nowadays, there are so many online games out there that you can play together.

Things to do at home

11. Learn something new

A musical instrument, a new language, a new hobby, there are classes online being offered for free like dance or yoga. In the comforts of your home and with the internet, the possibilities are infinite!

12. Develop a new hobby

You can definitely find something you’re particularly interested in or good at, but didn’t have the time. Now is a good time to work on it!

Things to do at home

13. Stay active indoors

Even at home, you can still stay active. Many gym trainers are now doing livestreams where a lot of times, it’s free to participate. There are YouTube channels too like Yoga with Adrienne, where there are videos you can play to practice yoga realtime.

Things to do at home

14. Cook something nice or new!

From being too busy with work, you might not have been eating well. Now at home, why not cook something nice or try something new? You can even set up your dining table like how it is in restaurants and enjoy your meal like you’re not at home.

Things to do at home

15. Communicate with loved ones

This is an important time to check up on your loved ones, especially if they’re not with you, or reach out to them! If you’re all isolating together, then it’s great to be able to spend time with them and show them how they mean to you.

16. Spend time with pets!

Pets. Probably the only ones truly happy about what’s going on right now as they finally have the chance to get unlimited attention. So give them! Play with them, take them out for walks (make sure you’re a good few meters away from other people) and just give them some love <3

Things to do at home

17. Give yourself a home spa day

Self-care is always important, so make sure to treat yourself and have a home spa day. Whip out your face masks, fill in the bath tub and just relax.

Things to do at home

18. Plan for your next trip!

It sucks how a lot of travel plans got affected by this situation. Personally, I’m bound for Colombia this April, but that’s no longer gonna happen.

But hey, we can all take this time to plan for our next one! After this is all over, it’s going to be extra exciting to pack our bags and travel again.

19. Sleep! Unlimited naps?? Yassss!

The thing you dream of when you’re busy working? Now is the time to fulfill it!

Things to do at home

20. Lastly, stay updated

Despite being just at home, it’s still important to stay updated. At least once a day, check the news and see what’s going on in the world or your local community. Better, see if you can offer any help!

Things to do at home

And there you have it! 20 things to do at home while social distancing. I made a checklist below which you can easily save in your phone to remind yourself. Let me know if you have any more ideas! I could use some more, though tbh, so far I’ve only been napping loads…

Stay safe everyone! <3

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Things to do at home
Things to do at home
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