Rai on the Road

A personal blog about travel, wellness and conscious living. Here I share my stories and tips about being on the road, working on self-development and pursuing a more ethical and sustainable lifestyle.

Hey there, I'm Rai!

A backpacker / English teacher / freelance writer from the Philippines. I started traveling in 2017 as a form of healing for my mental health. And it was a decision that changed my life forever. Gaining different perspectives, I learned how important it is to be kind—to myself and to everything around me. So now here on the blog, I write not only about my travels, but also my journey as I actively work on myself and as I pursue a more ethical, sustainable and conscious lifestyle. I share here my journey to life in hopes of inspiring you!

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An ethical, eco-friendly and vegan lifestyle brand for you and mother earth. We strive to promote conscious living, compassion, positivity and sustainability, as we raise awareness about different social/environmental issues. We aim to develop a community of like-minded individuals passionate towards the same goals.

Be kind to yourself. Then let your kindness fill the world.